Bamboo The Eco-Conscious Alternative

Plastic is an incredible material. Cheap and durable, it has revolutionised manufacturing and with it, consumerism. However, despite its undeniable usefulness, the very assets of plastic which make it so attractive to manufacturers and consumers alike, have also become its downfall. It’s cheapness to manufacture has been instrumental in creating a global market for ‘single-use plastics’, leading inevitably to the ‘throwaway societies’ we have all become; and the amazing properties of durability which have made plastic such a successful material, have now been recognised as a tremendous threat to the environment.
Plastic can take a thousand years to break down, and as a result our landfills are becoming full. During the process of break down, the chemicals within plastics can leak into our soil, rivers, and seas, threatening the health and safety of mankind and marine life. Although the majority of us are now actively recycling our plastics, there are so many different types with different chemical compositions, that so far there is no easy solution available to allay the problem.
However, we believe that plastic is not the entire problem, but society’s ignorance or unwillingness to take collective responsibility.. There needs to be re-education to re-use, rather than throw away, avoid single use plastics, and continue to encourage eco-friendly and bio-degradable alternatives to plastic in packaging.
Myga have created the perfect, eco-conscious alternatives to help your customers reduce their single-use plastic waste, by making a conscious effort to remove all single-use and non-recyclable elements from all their packaging.
Bamboo has been labelled ‘the world’s most renewable material’ and is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world. It can grow up to four feet in one day. Bamboo absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than a similar group of trees. Bamboo requires no pesticides and very little water to grow and thrive, and when harvested, bamboo regenerates quickly and has amazing erosion reducing qualities due to its root structure and soil nourishing qualities. It is also immensely strong, being used throughout Asia as scaffolding! Bamboo is an all-round super-plant! Bamboo is also totally bio-degradable and does not leak harmful substances in the Earth after disposal.
Bamboo cups are officially in vogue: a stylish and eco-friendly alternative to the disposable coffee cup, which are responsible for 36000 tonnes of waste per year, most of which are only 1% recyclable. Our bamboo cups are environmentally-friendly, ecological and biodegradable. With a complete range of bamboo hairbrushes, toothbrushes and other home and hygiene products to soon become available, Ryder Hub is the place to check it out first.