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Optimise your Traffic with Lateral Selling

Optimise your Traffic with Lateral Selling

What services are you offering? The easiest way to boost your sales and build a long lasting customer relationship is to MEET THEIR NEEDS.

A prime example of creating a ‘one-stop-shop’ was featured in the Subpostmaster magazine. Our customer has added our ‘Gone Travelling’ range to his post office branch to laterally sell alongside holiday insurance, travel money and passport check and send.



There are many cross selling techniques. When done well, they work. When done poorly, they annoy the heck out of people who just want to get on their merry way. You don’t want to annoy people who are trying to give you money…

Cross selling takes an existing customer and extracts more value from them. It is much easier to do this than to find ‘new’ customers. These techniques also make for a happier customer, particularly if you are hitting all their needs and providing a solution to a problem.

What products in our ranges would benefit your customers?



Eco Friendly?


If you think you could be missing out on cross selling opportunities, give us a call (01530 810870) in the office where our trained sales staff can guide you through our products and identify your needs.