Wholesale Yoga Product – Myga Yoga

Wholesale Yoga Product – Myga Yoga

Yoga is massive; hot, cold, nude, beer, dog, goat or whatever the fad, it’s booming. In the past decade it has morphed from being an exercise you might do once a week at your local gym to a lifestyle – and a physical and spiritual ideal to which you aspire with celeb’s getting on board such as Fearne Cotton.

According to a 2016 Yoga Journal report, the global yoga market is now worth £74bn globally. In the UK, “yoga” was one of Google’s most searched-for words in 2016, yoga and pilates brings in £812m a year, and rising.

Myga Yoga as supplied by Ryder Hub is an authentic yoga brand with it’s roots in traditional yoga practices not fads and built on belief’s that include plant based eating and eco planet friendly concepts. All Myga Yoga products are packed in eco friendly packaging, no plastics and were possible the products themselves are made from natural or recyclable materials ie cork, rubber or TPE.

If you are looking for a wholesale opportunity, new line, product range then Myga certainly ticks all the boxes a massive retail market segment, eco friendly, a strong and authentic story, a relatively new brand that has not saturated the market, great pricing, UK based and there a whole host of new exciting products being launched to expand the brand and encourage cross selling.

If you are interested in wholesale Myga Yoga give your Account Manager a call 01530 810870 to see what’s new, coming and exciting about this brand. If you do not have an account then sign up to Create an Account with no obligation to do anything and an Account Manager will be in touch to verify you are a legitimate business and guide you though the site, pricing, terms etc.