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The Clinics Online team have teamed up with RyderHub to enable allied healthcare professionals to access the PPE and clinical supplies they will need to safely practice in the coming months. 

As small healthcare providers, individual clinics and practitioners may not have the financial or practical resources to source such items. Even if they have funds and trade accounts, many online providers are out of stock or charging very high prices. More so now than ever, small-volume buyers including individual clinicians and small clinical businesses are unlikely to be able to source supplies at a reasonable, financially-viable prices. 

Therefore, to support our fellow healthcare practitioners and businesses, we have collaborated with RyderHub to set up a professionals portal where chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and other small clinical providers can purchase the (relatively-speaking) small quantities of stock they need at prices normally reserved for large customers placing big orders.  

We know that some practitioners have been concerned that in seeking to purchase PPE for their clinics they may be impacting NHS supply or diverting PPE from frontline workers. This is why we have made absolutely certain that our sources of supply do not interfere with NHS or other frontline worker supplies (we have created a completely new supply chain into the country with the help and support of The Cancer Foundation's Helping People Help People campaign). 

For this purpose, and whilst we reserve the right to manage the equipment distribution as best we can to keep things equable, RyderHub have generously agreed to give us their time and significant support to help distribute PPE equipment needed for safe and effective practice. 

We have also been in frequent discussion with our local NHS partners who have assured us both that essential PPE is now in place via local providers and that the care offered by small private healthcare providers will be vitally important in the coming months for many patients and to reduce pressure on the NHS. We therefore believe that our professions have a duty of care to our patients, the wider public, and the NHS, to do everything we can to safely practice and offer appropriate care in the months ahead. Whilst PPE equipment and clinical stock is only one small aspect of being able to safely provide care it is an important aspect, which we hope this initiative will facilitate. 

Here you can order from stock that RyderHub have kindly made available to you at discounted prices. 

On a personal note: These are times where it is important to stick together, support one another and reach out to one another. To offer or ask for help. But make sure you're happy with the equipment we get on your behalf. Beforehand. The items being sourced have passed all the relevant quality checks and represent exceptional value for money. We have invested many hundreds of hours to source this supply chain and make it accessible to you, our fellow healthcare professionals. So, no recalls, complaints, moaning that the colour is different from the picture, or blaming me if you still got Covid19. It’s wholly on you, end of. Do your required training, look after your staff, your patients, yourself. If you’re not happy with that: tough and don’t order through this portal. 

My team and I will be using the same stock when the time finally comes to reopen, and we’ll do our best to get the best possible equipment for safe practice with integrity. 

Best, and wishing you a safe return to Helping People Help People.

Stefaan Vossen

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