Singing Bowl with Silk Cushion and Wooden Mallet

Myga Tibetan Singing Bowl Set with Silk Cushion and Wooden Mallet - Buddhist Bowl for Meditation, Relaxation and Healing with Sound Vibrations - Ideal for Chakra, Mindfulness, Yoga, Zen and Peace

  • STRESS RELIEF - The Myga Singing Bowl can initiate the healing process and help reduce stress and anxiety. Calm inducing Singing bowl with rich authentic tones and vibrations.
  • BUDDHISM - Buddhist monks have long used Tibetan Singing Bowls for healing and meditation practices. The range of sounds help restore your out of harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.
  • HEALING TONES - The singing bowl creates beautiful, peaceful, calming and unique relaxing sounds. Create a calming and healing ambiance through your meditation and lifestyle.
  • ANTIQUE DESIGN - Made from high quality brass, the bowl is handmade in an attractive and antique style. Accompanied with a stylish silk cushion and a smooth wooden mallet.
  • ECO RANGE - Myga offers an extensive eco range with bamboo lunch boxes, coffee cups, home accessories including himalayan salt lamps, vegan yoga range and environmentally friendly cork products.

RRP: £24.99

Units: 12

Weight (kg): 0.273

Item Dims: 132 x 96 x 86 mm

EAN: 5029476012688

ITF: 05029476814190


Instratat Import Duty Code: 

CBM: 0.43

Pallet (HI-TI): 17x6

Carton Dims: 290 x 270 x 220 mm