How do I create an Account?
It is very easy to create an account.

What are your shipping charges?
UK Mainland: Orders over £100 are free delivery under that value we charge £24.99.

Rest of the World: Orders over £5000 are free delivery under that value we charge £199.99.


Third Party Resellers
We do not supply resellers on third party sites.


Do you have a minimum order?
We have NO minimum order, or case sizes buy whatever you require.

How can we view your products?
Obviously you can see all our products online, but we have a showroom based in Coalville, Leicestershire (close to the M1) and you can pop in for a chat and a drink, we are always happy to see people, however you do need to make an appointment. The last alternative is to speak to your Sale Manager and see if they can visit you however they can only carry limited stock and if you visit the showroom you can view the complete range displayed in shop set-up.

Do you hold stock in the UK?
We have a 250,00 sq warehouse based in Coalville, Leicestershire and try and keep everything in stock for immediate delivery. This is not always possible and we can unexpectedly receive large orders that buy complete lines out.

So keep in touch with your Sales Manager or pre-order to secure stock.

Can you produce our products for us?
We have office and factory facilities in China and offer a number of services from shipping direct to you from China, re-branding our products or manufacturing you products or ranges for you. You can find more information on FOB, OEM and White Label Products.