What are FOB, OEM and White Label?

Branding a product to make it your own, sourcing products for you in China and bulk buying shipped to our Distribution Centre or directly to you in your country is a great way to increase profit margins.

FOB: Free On Board, is a strange term but basically means the provider (Ryder Hub) will get the goods on to a container in China but you as the buyer will be responsible for delivery costs incurred from that point. Usually we will give you a landed price if you ask at point of placing your order.

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacture and simply means you purchase Ryder Hub’s products and these retailed under the your company’s brand name.  Therefore the manufacturer will make changes or modify the original product by changing the colour scheme, adapting the packaging or placing your trading name on your products.

White Label:  A product is made by Ryder Hub but is rebranded to your company’s specification, complete with your branding creating the look as though you have made the product, this can include product changes or Ryder Hub supplying products we don’t manufacture as standard lines.

Ryder Hub has offices, staff and manufacturing facilities in China, plus many years experience dealing with this market. We have containers regularly being transported around the World. So we can guide you and take the stress from your shoulders and probably speed up the whole process and almost definitely save you money.


White label branding