Alignment XL Yoga Mat - Pink

Myga Extra Large Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines - Superior Grip Non-Slip Yoga Mat with High Density Padding, 205 x 70cm, 6mm Thickness

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE FLOOR MAT - The Myga Alignment Mat has a cushioned polyurethane design with rubber backing provided ultra grip and protects against hard floors. Featuring the design of a natural shape of the lotus flower as a reminder to keep balanced and stable during your yoga practice.
  • EXTRA LARGE - Our Alignment Mat is perfect for taller Yogis, broad, tight shoulders and for anyone that appreciates a little more space on and off the mat due to its generous size. Length: 2050mm Width: 700mm; Thickness: 6mm; Weight: 4.1kg
  • ALIGNMENT LINES - The middle alignment line on a Yoga mat helps you to centre and balance your body whilst establishing the necessary symmetry to align the various parts of your body. The additional two horizontal hand and foot guides allow for variation in the height of the user.
  • DESIGN - The drop shaped design adorns the centre of the mat, bisected by a horizontal line with the Myga logo at the heart of the mat. Two 45 degree lines beneath the bottom of the drop act as foot guides for standing poses.
  • EASY CLEAN - Laser Etched Body Alignment Line - allows you to self-adjust your posture easily with an easy wipe down surface. The alignment mat is easy to roll-up and store away.

 Weight (kg): 4.1

Item Dims: 700 x 140 x 140mm

EAN: 5029476011810

ITF: 05029476815982

Instratat: 4016910000

Instratat Import Duty Code: 00


Pallet (HI-TI): 8 x 10

Carton Dims: 730 x 140 x 140mm