100 x 3 Ply Facemasks

Standard facemasks helping to protect against viruses, dust, pollen, and pollution. 

Our masks are made in a FDA approved factory, and are also CE approved. 

Test certificates are available upon request

100 x Vinyl Disposable Gloves (non powder)

Single use gloves to protect your hands from everyday tasks

Made from PVC composition, recommended for sensitive skin & those allergic to natural rubber

Latex free

48 x 120ml 75% Hand Santiser

KILLS GERMS - The Hand Sanitiser kills 99.99% of bacteria and germs with our Gone Travelling 75% alcohol hand sanitizer gel.

FIRST AID - Essential for stopping the spread of germs and viruses. Quick and effective hand sanitiser. No need for water.

MULTI USE - Suitable for homes, offices, surgeries, schools, workplaces and anywhere you need to quickly clean your hands.

ANTI VIRAL - The antibacterial disinfectant hand sanitizer gel is the first step for defence against most germs and bacteria.

PROTECTION - Hand cleanser soap which is essential in any workplace or home to fight against infection and disease.