Chakra Beaded Bracelet


Myga’s best selling Chakra Beaded Bracelet has been delicately designed to feed on the energies around us to create positive vibrational energy.

The bracelet is made up from 7 different gemstones, all of which are connected to the 7 chakras located within the body - Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root, Third Eye, and Crown. The stones are known for their healing properties and can help to align the 7 Chakras within our body.

When wearing it can promote great mental health, being true to yourself, feeling grounded, and stability within your life.

It is stored in an elegant gift bag, wooden box container and a leaflet detailing the gemstones and their purposes, perfect as a present or treat to yourself.

As well as the courage bracelet, Myga offer a beautiful collection of jewellery including bracelets, hair clips, necklaces, keychains and earrings.