Cork Massage Peanut

Myga RY1345 Cork Peanut Lacrosse Ball Muscle Roller Massager for Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage - 14 x 6cm

  • Home Therapy - Perfect for self-massage, the cork peanut reaches areas you cannot reach with your hands such as the back. Comes with a practical drawstring carry bag made of cotton.
  • Targets Muscles - The Myga Cork peanut ball can help heal the inflammations and pain caused by intense workouts. The middle groove of the peanut avoids the spine to ensure that only muscles are massaged.
  • Eco-friendly - Made of cork, this eco-friendly antibacterial alternative to plastic is used to eliminate pain and tension and is used to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Full Body - Our peanut ball can be used for myofascial release self-massage, sports massage or part of a physio regime for shoulder/neck/chest/feet/calves/lower leg/mid and lower back.
  • Firm - The Myga Cork Peanut can be used across and long ways on most parts of the body. Provides pinpoint tension relief and helps relieve muscle pain.


Weight (kg): 0.15

Item Dims: 150 x 80 x 85mm

EAN: 5029476013456

ITF: 05029476815449


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Carton Dims: 255 x 160 x 170mm