Electronic Luggage Scales
Electronic Luggage Scales
Electronic Luggage Scales

Electronic Luggage Scales

Gone Travelling Portable Digital Luggage Scales - Electronic Suitcase Weighing Scales Up To 88lbs / 40kg Capacity - Tare Function - Ensure Your Luggage is Within the Limit

  • MULTI FUNCTION - The Gone Travelling Digital Luggage Scales has a Tare Function, Hold Function and can display 4 kinds of weight units (lb, g, ounce and kg).
  • EASY TO USE - Our electronic luggage scales are very easy to use, simply clip the strap around the luggage handle and lift up until the luggage is off the floor.
  • PORTABLE - Sleek smooth design and extremely lightweight so you can take the scales around the house with you and on the road for the return trip.
  • ESSENTIAL - The Deluxe Luggage Scales are an essential travel accessory for those airport trips, train journeys and many more adventures.
  • BEFORE TRAVELLING - Before you fly, please check with your airline for the latest baggage weight and size allowances as they vary between flights and airlines.

RRP: £9.99

Units: 12

Weight (kg): 0.125

Item Dims: 180 x 110 x 45 mm

EAN: 5029476008148

ITF: 05029476804696

Instratat: 84231090

Instratat Import Duty Code: 00

CBM: 0.012375

Pallet (HI-TI): 20x6

Carton Dims: 340 x 260 x 140mm