Kids Exercise Yoga Dice

Myga Children's Yoga Dice - Kids Yoga Exercise Fun Foam Dice - 2 Pose Dice and 1 Action Dice 

  • KEEP YOGA FUN - The Myga Kids Yoga Dice promises to spice up your yoga practice with a throw of a dice. Different poses and actions.
  • SOFT FOAM DICE - Child friendly Yoga Dice. Soft lightweight foam material ideal for your children during yoga.
  • 3 DICE SET - The Myga Children's Yoga Dice set has 2 poses dice and 1 action dice. Simply roll the action dice with 1 or 2 pose dices. Perform the action along with the position from the pose dice.
  • NATURAL CARTON BOX - The yoga dice comes in a beautiful, natural carton box. The perfect eco-choice! Planet Friendly Yoga!
  • VARIATION - The yoga dice has 12 different poses displayed to make yoga more fun for your kids.

RRP: £19.99

Units: 6

Weight (kg): 0.18

Item Dims: 115 x 135 x 210mm

EAN: 5029476011100

ITF: 0529476814176

Instratat: 39249000

Instratat Import Duty Code: 90

CBM: 4.89

Pallet (HI-TI):

Carton Dims: 42.5 x 25 x 23cm