Myga Buddha Backflow Incense Burner

Myga RY1356 Buddha Backflow Incense Burner, Ceramic Backflow Incense Holder, Perfect for Home Décor, Yoga and Aromatherapy, Beautiful Gift Display Box

  • Spiritual - The hand in the Bhutadamara mudra is a representation of protection from evil spirits and negative energy makes it a great decor for the home or yoga studio.
  • Incense Cones or Sticks - The Buddha Backflow Burner can be used with incense cones or sticks. We recommend using a backflow incense cone for a mesmerising cascading smoke effect.
  • Perfect Gift Box - Our backflow incense holder comes with a beautifully designed display box which is ideal for gifts for for family, friends, colleagues and special occasions.
  • Body and Mind - The smoky cascade created by the backflow incense cone will diffuse an aroma that can rid negative energy, purifying the air and relieving daily stresses.
  • Home Décor - Our traditional style, handcrafted ceramic Buddha backflow incense burner is the perfect gifts for lovers of peace, spirituality and yoga.

Weight (kg): 0.96

Item Dims: 265 x 170 x 130mm

EAN: 5029476013562

ITF: 05029476816316


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Carton Dims: 355 x 273 x 425mm