Myga Necklace - Connection


Myga RY1434 Connection Beaded Necklace - Beaded Pearl Necklace with Gift Bag and Natural Eco-Friendly Wooden Box - Connect Loved Ones

  • Myga’s Connection Beaded Necklace has been crafted to allow all parts of your life to come together, and reconnect you towards the universe, and all the people around you.
  • It consists of 3 natural Amazonite Stones, which are carved into spheres – they are known to help guide you to an open mind, and be able to see different perspectives within your love, it is a known healer and can help manifest love.
  • There is a ‘Om symbol’ which gently hangs at the end, it represents the whole universe, showing the first sound of creation. There is a tassel, which hangs off the pendant, you are able to drip your favorite essential oils at the end that can help you to de-stress when wearing around your neck.
  • It is stored in an elegant gift bag, wooden box container and a leaflet detailing the gemstones and their purposes, perfect as a present or treat yourself too.
  • As well as the Chakra Necklace, Myga offer a beautiful collection of jewellery including hair clips, Bracelets, keychains and earrings.

Weight (kg): 0.18

Item Dims: 90 x 50 x 103 mm

EAN: 5029476014347

ITF: 05029476815616

Instratat: 7117900000

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Pallet (HI-TI): 

Carton Dims: 280 x 210 x 110mm