Myga Necklace - Protect

Myga’s Protection Beaded Necklace is the perfect necklace to keep close to you if you have had any feelings of fear, anxiety, or unbalanced emotions. It helps by stimulating your inner confidence and peace.

It is made from 4 natural Crystals; Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Ocean Jasper & Tiger eye. The carefully chosen crystals are known for balance, inspiration, calming your chakras, purifying and opening the heart to love, lowering stress and tension, and being a powerful protector of everything negative around you.

 At the end of the necklace, a downard pointed Rose Quartz Triangle gentle hangs. It is known as a Chalice, the symbol of the womb and heavens grace. It can represent fire, fore, or aspiration.

It is stored in an elegant gift bag, wooden box container and a leaflet detailing the gemstones and their purposes, perfect as a present or treat yourself too.

As well as the Growth Beaded Necklace, Myga offer a beautiful collection of jewellery including hair clips, Bracelets, keychains and earrings.

RRP: £32.99

Units: 12

Weight (kg): 0.18

Item Dims: 92 x 52 x 102 mm

EAN: 5029476014378

ITF: 05029476815647

Instratat: 7117900000

Instratat Import Duty Code: 


Pallet (HI-TI): 

Carton Dims: 280 x 210 x 110mm