Natural Wooden Nail Brush


Myga Wooden Nail Brush with Natural Bristles - Double Sided Scrubbing Brush for Cleaning Nails - Fingernail Clean Hand Brush

  • ECO-FRIENDLY - The Myga Wooden Nail brush is made from natural materials ensuring a vegan friendly, biodegradable product. Using schima and sisal our nail brush is 100% natural.
  • VARYING BRISTLES - Doubled sided nail brush with varying bristles on each side. One side can clean underneath your nails and the other can be used on hands, feet and the top of your nails.
  • DEEP CLEANING - Cleaning the hands and exfoliating, smoother glowing skin, improves blood circulation, sheds dead skin and cleans underneath the nail after nail art and filling.
  • EASY GRIP - The Wooden Dual Nail Brush has a curved grip for added comfort and to ensure the scrubbing brush doesn’t slip when using to remove all your dust and dirt.
  • GIFT IDEA - Beautiful gift idea which will complement any style or decoration. Can be used in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen as well as the bedroom. Looks stunning on the sink with the Myga Soap Dish.

RRP: £3.99

Case Size: 10

Weight: 0.025kg

Dimensions: 95 x 45x 40mm

Carton Dimensions: 205 x 95 x 105mm

EAN: 5029476012800

ITF: 05029476814305