Red Jasper Chip Bracelet

Myga RY1454 Red Jasper Chip Bracelet - Chip Gemstones with Gift Bag and Natural Wooden Box - Eliminate Negativity and Increase Focus

  • Myga’s Red Jasper Chip Bracelet has made to boost concentration, positive thoughts and focus when wearing. It has healing properties to allow you to relax and help the mind to eliminate negative thoughts.
  • The stone used is Red Jasper, known for being an extremely protective stone, which can help to gently stimulate, neutralising radiation and other forms of environmental pollution. It brings problems to light, and can help to deflect difficult or negative situations.
  • The stones are all completely unique and carved into spheres, they are placed onto an elasticated band, which can confidently stretch without breaking, to fit on most wrist sizes comfortably.
  • It is stored in an elegant gift bag, wooden box container and a leaflet detailing the gemstones and their purposes, perfect as a present or treat to yourself.
  • As well as the Jasper Bead bracelet, Myga offer a beautiful collection of jewellery including bracelets, hair clips, necklaces, keychains and earrings.

Weight (kg): 0.18

Item Dims: 10.2 x 5.2 x 9.2cm

EAN: 5029476014545

ITF: 05029476815807

Instratat: 7117900000

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Pallet (HI-TI):

Carton Dims: 11 x 21 x 28cm