Set of 2 Hand Grip Strengtheners - Pink


Phoenix Fitness Set of 2 Hand Grip Strengtheners - Hand Exercises with Foam Gripper Handles - Wrist Exercising Resistance Training - Forearm Muscle Strength Building - Grip Workout for Stress Relief - Pink

  • HAND STRENGTH - The Phoenix Fitness twin set of Hand Grip Strengtheners are brilliant to increase the strength in both of your hands and fingers.
  • WRIST AND FOREARM - Quickly and effectively strengthen the muscles in your arms and wrists by squeezing the grips together and releasing slowly.
  • PERFECT FOR REHAB - Excellent for injury prevention and recovery. Broken a bone in your finger or hand, use this gripper to build the strength back up.
  • GRIP STRENGTH - Ideal for sports athletes and musicians as this hand exercise tool will improve your grip and hand endurance.
  • COMFORT - Ergonomically designed with foam handles, the power spring gripped with soft and comfortable on your hands.

RRP: £6.99

Units: 12

Weight (kg): 0.275

Item Dims: 140 x 100 x 55mm

EAN: 5029476015481

ITF: 05029476816347

Instratat: 95069990

Instratat Import Duty Code: 00

CBM: 0.0114876

Pallet (HI-TI): 12X15

Carton Dims: 290 x 180 x 220mm