Unity Wooden Beaded Bracelet


Myga's Unity Wooden Beaded Bracelet has been designed to bring you closer to your chosen loved one who you wish to share with. Made from natural wood and stone it is designed to bring you closer to earth, and natural touch, enhancing your connection with the person who you are sharing it with.

Myga’s bracelet has been made with couples who may be at long distance from one another, or family members that you may not see as much as you wish, allowing you to feel close regardless of the miles between.

The stones used are completely unique, and vary in colourings, they have been carved into spheres to represent never-ending love with no end. It is held on an elasticated band, which can confidently stretch without breaking, to fit on most wrist sizes comfortably.

It is stored in an elegant gift bag, wooden box container and a leaflet detailing the gemstones and their purposes, perfect as a present or treat to yourself.

As well as the Rose Quartz bracelet, Myga offer a beautiful collection of jewellery including bracelets, hair clips, necklaces, keychains and earrings.