Yoga Inversion Stool for Headstands


Myga Yoga Stool for Headstand - Multifunctional Yoga Sports Inversion Chair Bench for Head-Stand - Yoga Aids Headstander Exercise Body-Lift Prop Ideal for Workouts, Fitness, Gym and Stress Relief

  • INVERSION CHAIR - The Myga Yoga Stool can be used as an inversion chair to safely build up your core strength and perfect your yoga form and stability.
  • YOGA PROP / AID - The Yoga Chair can help with headstands, shoulder stands and can relieve a lot of tension and pressure in your neck muscles.
  • MULTI-USE - Our Myga Yoga Bench can help you with waist exercises, leg exercises, hip exercises and many other yoga poses and routines.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - Full assembly instructions are included in the packaging with the complete fixing kit. Quick and easy instruction manual.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS - As well as an excellent yoga aid, the yoga stool can help your blood circulation, improve blood supply to the head and relieve stress.

RRP: £89.99

Units: 1

Weight (kg): 5

Item Dims: 605 x 150 x 380 mm

EAN: 5029476010561

ITF: 05029476814077


Instratat Import Duty Code: 

CBM: 3.45

Pallet (HI-TI): 10x4

Carton Dims: 605 x 150 x 380 mm